Confidential Candidate Preliminary Information

Confidential Candidate Preliminary Information

Contact Information


Law School Information

Undergraduate Information

Employment Information

IMPORTANT: If you are in a SALARY BAN state, please DO NOT answer these questions. It is our intent to always follow and comply with the law and we encourage you to do the same. Please refer to the appropriate authorities to determine what, if anything, you can answer regarding salary questions. We cannot advise which states are or are not subject to the salary ban due to the rapidly changing nature of the law in this area.

Would you consider any opportunity which pays less money than your current salary?:
Have you ever been asked to leave any legal job you have ever held or have you left any legal job you have ever held on a mutually agreed basis?:

Bar & Legal Information

Are you a member in good standing of all bars?:
Are you legally authorized to work in the U.S.?:
If required by a law firm or corporation as part of their hiring process, are you willing to consent to a drug and civil/criminal background check?
Do you have any pending or prior malpractice claims, pending or prior lawsuits or pending or prior investigations or Bar complaints against you?:
Have you ever been a defendant in a civil action for an intentional tort?:

Job Search Information

Do you have any pending offers?:
Do you have any pending interviews?:
Have you been on any interviews in the last 6 months?:
Did you get any offers as a result?:
Can you provide transcripts for all your degrees?:
Does your resume contain each legal or professional position you have ever held?:
Are you willing to relocate?:
Can you provide comprehensive references from at least two partners who have first hand knowledge of your work which can be checked immediately?:
Do you affirm the accuracy, truthfulness and reliability of all information provided herein as well as the information which may be provided in the future to Ankus Consulting, Inc., its clients and professional colleagues (including your resume, references, transcripts and cover letters)?: